Old for New

Documentary Film
+/- 50 min.; Slovenija; 1996.

“The objectives of FV Video are threefold: the creation of a proper video-language,  documenting the alternative scene and gathering information about foreign video productions” - from the programme of 1983

In the ‘80s Zemira Alajbegović & Neven Korda were members of several art groups, for which video was an important medium. They produced, as members of Ljubljana’s infamous Borghesia group, several multimedia performances and video clips. In the past decade their research in the video medium has resulted in quite a heterogeneous oeuvre, including music documentaries, music videos, dance videos, TV arts programmes and video-art. Their work has been shown (and received prizes) at the most prestigious international video festivals, and was broadcast by numerous TV stations around the world.
In “Old for New” Alajegović and Korda present their fragmented and highly subjective view of the ‘80s, by using fragments of the preserved video-documents on the alternative scene and of the videoprojects by FV Video.
“Old for New” is a story on the “inner time” of Slovenia’s sub-cultural scene, on punk and New Wave, on the first multi-media projects, on the break-through of the alternative culture in the establishment, on hardcore, etc.

Authors: Neven Korda & Zemira Alajbegović; Production: FORUM Ljubljana,  VPK & TV Slovenija; Supported by Filmski sklad RS, Sorosev center za sodobne umetnosti in MOL - Oddelek za kulturo;

Premiere organised in collaboration with FORUM Ljubljana & Kinoteka


Date and time of event: 
Oct 23rd 20:00
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