The Story of the Fallen Hero

Theatre Performance
Guandaline Sagliocco  

“... a small jewel ..., excellent visual apparition ..., graceful and touching ..., a multiform interpretation ..., a perfume and a taste of storytelling not easy to find in theatre .. “

(Leggere Donna, Italy)

A thrilling journey through the choppy seas of ancient Greek mythology, retracing the paths of Jason, the hero, in his search for the golden fleece and his fatal meeting with Medea. On the small stage a single actress and her mobile miniature theatre. Using a rich vocabulary of gestures and fascinating transformations into different characters, she gives us a new version of the old myth, seen through the naive eyes of the little servant of the Olympians. From the balcony of Olympus the Greek goddesses enjoy themselves by pulling on the thin threads of the handsome hero’s destiny. The hero, as usual, has to find a treasure, kill a dragon and marry a princess. The little servant dreams of a great overwhelming love and decides to join the heroes on their exciting adventures. A journey away from young innocence to another kingdom, where we all face the dragon alone. A fusion between storytelling and visual theatre, full of humour, drama and tragedy.

Idea, script, directed by: Guandaline Sagliocco & Gerd Christiansen; Performed by: Guandaline Sagliocco; Scenography: Hakan Islinger, Gerd Christiansen; Production: Guandaline Sagliocco & Inside the Image; Co-production: Grenland Friteater

Supported by: Apexchanges
In collaboration with Cankarjev dom

Date and time of event: 
Oct 21st 19:00
Place of event: 
Cankarjev dom - Kosovelova dvorana