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Closing Party
DJ WenKar   Karen Vanderborght  

This year we close the 6th International Festival of Contemporary Arts CITY OF WOMEN (on Friday, 13th – Full Moon) in the company of the Storing team. Storing (meaning: disturbance or noise) is a weekly radio programme on a local radiostation in Brussels hosted by the femal duo WenKar. WenKar present radio-specials for everyone who, and everything that is unlawfully forgotten by mainstream vanity: housewives, pacemakers, the former Belgian King Baldwin, or the first and oriental flavoured noodles,…
Music, from classic pop to abstract techno, self-recorded sounds and effects, all go down in the Storing-mix, building up a personal comment of sounds and familiar voices.
For the City of Women they have prepared a special dance-night by/for/with women, with no ambition whatsoever to have balls.
WenKar is Wendy Van Weynsberghe. She recently graduated as a philologist in English and Dutch. She is currently working for RADIOLAB, an interactive sounds and remix-project on the internet.
WenKar is also Karen Vanderborght. In 1995 she graduated as a master of audio-visual arts and was winner of the first prize in the experimental atelier. Last May she premiered her 5th experimental short Les Soeurs Lumière (The Lumière Sisters) at the Kunstenfestivaldes Arts in Brussels.

Organised by Mesto žensk / City of Women
In cooperation with Klub Gromki

Date and time of event: 
Oct 13th 23:00
Place of event: 
Menza pri koritu, Metelkova mesto