Biotechnology, Philosophy and Sex

Conference on Trans-sexuality, New Mediatechnologies & Gender

This international conference/symposium is dedicated to the philosophical and interdisciplinary (artistic, cultural, political) re-consideration of science and technology, biochips and organs, what is male and what is female (trans-sexuality). The development of various kinds of spatial observation in connection with certain forms of human perception is tending toward the erasure of the duality of body and mind. The relationship between the body, the machine, the sexual, and the prosthetic opens an array of epistemological and philosophical questions. Today within new media technologies we observe a process that fosters disembodiment, raising crucial questions about the politics of representation and the semiotics of articulating alternative bodies in alternative spaces. No less important is the need to further re-examine the implications involved with specific representational strategies that target the human body, the development of systems and paradigms, and the structures and matrices of representations of bodies defined by history, gender, and class.
(Marina Gržinic, Maria Klonaris and Katerina Thomadaki)

Thursday, 10th, 20.00
Slovenska kinoteka, Miklošiceva 28, Ljubljana
Homage to Sandra Lahire (1950-2001)
Trilogija Sylvia Plath: Lady Lazarus (1991), Night Dances (1995), Johnny Panic (2000)
curated by; Maria Klonaris & Katerina Thomadaki

Friday, 11th, 14.00
Klub Cankarjev dom, Prešernova 10, Ljubljana
14.00: welcoming remarks: Marina Gržinic
14.15: Caroline Bassett: Stretching Before and After (The Body of Narrative)
15.00: Marie-Luise Angerer: The Body Bytes Back
15.45: Karin Spaink: Cyborgs: Beyond Dichotomies
17.00: Maria Klonaris & Katerina Thomadaki: Dissident Bodies in the Digital Era
17.45: Marie-José Mondzain: Figures of Otherness and Difference in the Work of Klonaris and Thomadaki

Friday, 11th, 20.00
Slovenska kinoteka, Miklošiceva 28, Ljubljana
by: Maria Klonaris, Katerina Thomadaki
L'Ange Amazonien. Un portrait de Lena Vandrey
Francija, 1992, 16mm, 92 min.

Saturday, 12th, 15.00
Galerija Kapelica, Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana
15.00: Marina Gržinic: Rupture
15.45: Amelia Jones: Flâneurial Bodies: Reciprocal Mappings of the Artist and Urban Space
17.00: Claudia Reiche: The Visible Human Project: Accessing an Obscene Image Body
17.45: Jackie Stacey: Imitation of Life: Homoeroticism and the New Genetics in the Cinema
18.30: Sarah Franklin: Dolly’s Body: Gender, Genetics and the New Genetic Capital

Concept: Marina Gržinic, Maria Klonaris, Katerina Thomadaki; production: Maska, Emil Hrvatin (within the Seminar for Contemporary Performing Arts and in collaboration with Cankarjev Dom); partners: Mesto žensk, CNVOS, Gallery Kapelica, Slovenska kinoteka, Cankarjev dom, ZRC SAZU (dr. Oto Luthar, direktor), FI ZRC SAZU, L’Institut Français Charles Nodier, Ljubljana (Bernard Micaud, Director), AFAA (Paris), Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Slovenia, The Embassy of the Netherlands (Ljubljana).





Date and time of event: 
Oct 10th - Oct 12th