Carmen Linares

Carmen Linares  

She was born in a village called Linares in Jaen. Flamenco is her heritage and she occupies a special place among contemporary flamenco singers; she is also one of the most sought-after performers of flamenco.
The voice of Carmen Linares is full of different shades and musical energy, which, through her personal and versatile style, express the endless possibilities of flamenco. Constantly looking for new forms of expression, Linares, aided by her extensive knowledge of the art and wide repertoire, has created an original art all her own that unites ‘jondo’ singing with symphonic and chamber orchestra music. She is the first singer of flamenco to be invited to perform with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and she has sung at the Sidney Opera, Theatre Colon in Buenos Aires, and other concert halls.
The New York Times described her as a singer of ‘outstanding and expressive powers’.
She has released eight albums to date, the most outstanding one being Antologia de la Mujer en el Cante, where she collaborates with the world’s best flamenco guitar players (Vincente Amigo, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Tomatito, Juan and Pepe Habichuella, Rafael Riqueni and others).
Linares has received ten top awards, including First Prize from the Nacional Association of Flamenco Critics in 1995 and the Nacional Music Award, which was presented to her last year by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. During her performance in Ljubljana, she will be accompanied by two guitarists, dancer and clappers.

Voice: Carmen Linares; guitar: Paco Cortés, Miguel Angel Cortés; dance: Carmen Ledesma; clapping: Ana Mª González, Federico Baeza

Organised and financed by: Cankarjev dom
In cooperation with: Mesto žensk / City of Women



Date and time of event: 
Oct 12th 19:00
Place of event: 
Cankarjev dom, Gallusova dvorana