The Girl from Nowhere

Marisa Carnesky

The Girl from Nowhere, a solo work by live artist/theatre maker Marisa Carnesky, explores women and displacement, otherness, ethnicity, cultural belonging, sexual identity, and memory, in relation to East European immigrant and refugee women’s experiences both past and present. It looks at aspects of journeys and the boundaries of time, geography, and the body. It deconstructs popular imagery of ‘Gypsies’ looking at woman’s body as a site of conflict and as a nomadic site. It utilises aspects of fairy tales from the Baltic and Balkan regions as well as stories from refugee women who have worked in the sex industry.
The work is composed of six short sections that utilise text, choreography, visual spectacle, specially designed magic illusions with mirrors, experimental sound, and documentary-style projected images.
The Girl from Nowhere was devised and researched as part of the process of the development of Carnesky’s Ghost Train, a large-scale touring project that uses a specially constructed amusement-park Ghost Train ride and features a cast of six female performers from various refugee and immigrant backgrounds. Ghost Train will premiere in 2003.

Devised and performed by: Marisa Carnesky; production: Jeremy Goldstein; with artistic collaborations from: Mark Whitelaw (director), illusionist Paul Kieve (illusionist), Rose Parnis (lighting designer).

In cooperation with: KUD France Prešeren
With the support of the British Council


Date and time of event: 
Oct 16th 22:00
Place of event: 
KUD France Prešeren