Jelena Milojević & Minka Đonlić … and guests: Improv Session


The multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Hazemina 'Minka' Đonlić has, in a quiet and, we might say, almost too modest way, become one of the most valuable figures in our rather worn-out music scene. A therapist and social worker by training as well as a volunteer, cultural stimulator, photographer and writer - Minka combines within her fascinating and extremely diligent character all the essential elements for successful musical improvisation, which in our country is something extremely rare. It was war that brought Minka to Slovenia from her home in Gradačac. Ten years ago she started performing with the vocal-instrumental group Vali, and for the past five years she has led the group, which has become known to the wider public for its smart interpretations, lively performances and recordings of Sephardic and Gypsy music. Her first-rate partner is Jelena Milojević, a superb guitarist from Belgrade. She, too, possesses a masterful, sonorous and unique voice, along with a 'divine' stage presence. The Ljubljana public first gave her an enthusiastic reception when she performed with the band TrotoArt in Klub Gromka. We might just be surprised by whoever else joins these two thoughtful improvisers on stage; as a rule, they like to keep things secret right up to the last minute. One thing is sure: we will witness music performed without reservation.
Miha Zadnikar

Improv Session (Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Hazemina "Minka" Đonlić -vocal, accordion, melodics, other instruments
Jelena Milojević - vocal, acoustic and electric guitar, other instruments & ad hoc band

PLUS DJ Dražena

Organisation: City of Women
In co-operation with: Klub Gromka, Planet Pločnik


Date and time of event: 
Oct 17th 23:00
Place of event: 
Klub Gromka, AKC Metelkova mesto