Reading of Fairy Tales

"A Twopence of Imagination" team: Nataša Bivic, Alenka Veler, Petra Slatinšek, Pavel Koltaj

It started as an experiment and turned into a series of short broadcasts on Radio Študent every day for over six months.
The material we use comes from folk tales, narrative folk songs and more or less modern literary fairy tales. We are most interested in folk tales, interpretation in its simplest form, combined with music from various genres and sound textures. We set no limits. We take stories, written in books, caught on tape, and shape them according to our own inner feeling. There are no rules, and there is also no mission. We are not interested in theory; we are interested in material that has managed to survive through the centuries. Folk-words are being thrown off the pedestal; what we do comes out of pleasure and is a challenge. We discover archetypal worlds that exist in the subconscious of us all and can't be escaped. Even in today's post-modern society, people ask themselves the same fundamental questions they did hundreds of years ago, and the mechanisms for resolving inner distress and ethical dilemmas are also the same. The airwaves enable one-way communication, but we wanted to find out how storytelling works in an urban environment, in a space where other forms of expression predominate, so we decided to upgrade what we do on the air. How does the reading of fairy tales, interwoven with musical improvisation, work in a club? Is anybody even interested in something like this? Can folk tales come alive in the totally urban environment? Our experience says, yes, it works, and we are not the only ones interested in this. This is something alive. The fairy-tale reading organised by Radio Študent is a verbal journey through the cultural map of tradition. Connected by the motif of the woman in both traditional and literary fairy tales, without commentary or value judgement, these tales present a range of figures, including the Japanese sorceress Sayona, who entices men to their ruin, a squeamish countess, a brave and cunning girl, a sister, a wife, a lover, a lazy girl, a temptress, a busybody, a slanderer, a good fairy, both evil and good step-mothers, a stingy rich woman, a cannibal-woman in extremely diverse roles, as seen through the eyes of the folk traditions of various nations.
Alenka Veler

"A Twopence of Imagination" team: Nataša Bivic, Alenka Veler, Petra Slatinšek, Pavel Koltaj
Klub Gromka, Metelkova City
"Reading of Fairy Tales" team: Alenka Veler, Nataša Bivic
Readers: Boštjan Vrhovšek, Robert Vrtovšek, Štefan Kušar, Maruša Bertoncelj, Rok Kosec, Srečko Meh, Miha Žorž, Karin Komljanec, Helena Božič, Ana Ličina, Nina Peče, Rok Kušlan, Arnold Marko, Boris Vlajič, Boštjan Napotnik

Organisation: City of Women
In co-operation with: Radio Študent, Klub Gromka


Date and time of event: 
Oct 16th 22:00
Place of event: 
Klub Gromka, Metelkova mesto