Title Projects
Alicja Zebrowska Onone - The World After the World
Anat Ben-David Popaganda
Andrina Mračnikar Andri 1924-1944
Austrian Film Cycle
Anja Salomonowitz Austrian Film Cycle
Das wirst du nie verstehen / You Will Never Understand This
Barbara Albert Böse Zellen / Free Radicals
Austrian Film Cycle
CocoRosie CocoRosie
Cornelia Sollfrank Have Script, Will Destroy!
Sci-fi Film Cycle
Dara Birnbaum Sci-fi Film Cycle
Technology/Transformation: Wonder Women
Eddie Ladd Club Luz
Hans Scheirl Sci-fi Film Cycle
Dandy Dust
Hasija Borić Feral Tribune Cabaret
Hiroko Tanahashi re:current
Karen Wong + Behind The Firewall > Situations
Dreams of the Future
Katy Deepwell n.paradoxa:
Dreams of the Future
Le Tigre Le Tigre
Lina Saneh in Rabih Mroué Biokhraphia
Lizzie Borden Sci-fi Film Cycle
Born in Flames
Lucile Desamory Sci-fi Film Cycle
Clone Zone
Maja Delak HI-RES
Mala Kline HI-RES
Mara Mattuschka Austrian Film Cycle
Sci-fi Film Cycle
S.O.S. Extraterrestria
Exchanging blood for ink
Ballhead (Kugelkopf)
Les Miserables
It was a pleasure...(Es hat mich sehr gefreut…)
Beauty and the Beast (Der Schöne, die Biest)
Project Arse Machine (Unternehmen Arschmaschine)
Mara Verna Whites Waiting / Whites Going In
Dreams of the Future
Michaela Schwentner Austrian Film Cycle
Mitsoura Mitsoura
Nadia El Fani Sci-fi Film Cycle
Bedwin Hacker
Nina Meško The State of Things ( Stanje stvari )
Nirmal Puwar Space Invaders
Olga Kisseleva Seven Deadly Desires
Dreams of the Future
Pamela Z Pamela Z
Peggy Ahwesh Sci-fi Film Cycle
She Puppet
Ruth Mader Struggle
Austrian Film Cycle
Shilpa Gupta Your Kidney Supermarket
Dreams of the Future
Suzanne Treister Time Travelling with Rosalind Brodsky
Dreams of the Future
Tamara Vukov The War Game Room
Dreams of the Future
Tanja Lažetić The State of Things ( Stanje stvari )
The Otolith Group Otolith
Sci-fi Film Cycle
Valentina Čabro re:current