Bedwin Hacker

Tunisia, 2003, DVD, 103'

A wizard computer hacker is on the run from French Intelligence. The first Tunisian film with a high-tech theme, Bedwin Hacker opens with a female computer hacker in a Tunisian oasis as she hijacks the foreign airwaves to broadcast a message in Arabic: "In the third millennium, other periods, places and lives exist. We are not mirages." A French surveillance department sets out to track 'Bedwin Hacker'. Julia, alias Agent Marianne, recognises the signature as that of an old rival, and sends her boyfriend back to his native Tunisia, on reconnaissance. Offering an illuminating glimpse into contemporary North Africa, the film follows Kalt, a spirited tech-head who uses her computer know-how to hijack foreign television frequencies. With the authorities on her trail, Kalt and her friends engage in a wild game of cat and mouse. In her debut feature, filmmaker Nadia El Fani works against stereotypes of North African women in domestic roles, and presents an intriguing cast of subversive female characters.

Written and directed by: Nadia El Fani
Cinematography: Tarek Ben Abdullah
Cast: Sonia Hamza, Nadia Saîji, Muriel Solvay, Tomer Sisley, Xavier Desplas, Alberto Canova
Music: Milton Edouard
Producer: Z'Yeux Noirs Movies
Distribution: Sanvi Panou, Orisha Distribution

Organisation: City of Women
In co-operation with: Kinodvor


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Oct 05th 22:10
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