The HTMlles is a bi-annual international media arts festival exploring various facets of digital technology and the Web as a medium for the creation and exhibition of artistic works by women, with a particular emphasis on its cyber-feminist approach, concerns and engagements.
The festival investigates the particularities associated with and embedded within contemporary Web-based practices that must consider problematics such as dynamic programming, generative interfaces, computational linguistics, hypermedia and net ecology. Moreover, these general theoretical and aesthetic concerns find themselves appropriated, critiqued and deconstructed by feminist agendas intermingled with cultural and socio-political realities; the event offers a singular exhibition framework and creates a critical space for women's contribution to, contamination and construction of cyberspace itself. An initiative of Studio XX (, the next edition will take place in Montreal in May 2005.



Date and time of event: 
Oct 01st - Oct 22nd
Place of event: 
Škuc Gallery