Selection: Culture2Culture

The Tricky Women festival’s focus on female creators of artistic animated film is unique in Europe. The biennial festival, which takes place in March in Vienna, is the highlight of a diverse range of cultural activities carried out by Culture2Culture.

Tricky Women brings a broad spectrum of topics, aesthetics, narrative styles and techniques into the public domain and gives new impetus to animation artists. Works range from those in the classic style, through narrative puppet animation, to innovative and abstract computer-generated animation. Tricky Women festival programme includes international competition with an international jury of experts and the following prizes: Tricky Women City of Vienna Prize and a 3-month grant as part of the Quartier21 Artist in Residence Programme in Vienna’s Museum Quarter, as well as an Audience Award.


Culture2Culture proudly present a selection of films from the Tricky Women festival. In addition to awardwinning films from the Tricky Women 2005 competition, this special programme also encompasses a number of animations which relate to in/security - the theme of this year’s City of Women festival.

Üks Uks (trailer) Tricky Women 2005 by Maya Yonesho, Japan.

Extn. 21 by Lizzie Oxby, UK Just one call and everything would be resolved; but someone (or something) is intercepting the calls...

Passport by Siri Melchior, UK A dark, poetic story of a family trying to escape on a night train.

Feathers by Elicia Fineston, UK A Bird/Woman attempts to fly in order to escape from her fox-like husband.

Fire by Jenny Bowers, UK If your house was burning down and you could rescue one thing, what would it be?

Agricultural Report by Melina Sydney Padua, Ireland A new strain of a disease dangerous to livestock is being discussed on the radio. A cow listening to the programme naturally gets rather worried about the topic.

Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining by Barbara Doser, Austria Observation, integration, manipulation, transformation, protection, trepidation, imagination, consideration, irritation... A never-ending story - facts in real and virtual space.

Feel it by Susi Jirkuff, Austria George W. Bush singing and dancing to rap music. This video clip sees George W. Bush, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice performing a rap number together in the Oval Office. Stereotypes of Hip Hop and Afro- American Music, of politicians, their obsession with power and macho attitudes are re-mixed for this video. Music: Timbaland and Magoo

Communications Factory by Jen Sachs, USA Isolated by her job at a communications technology plant, a lonely young woman discovers escape through an unexpected use of her company’s product.

Special Mentions

Puleng by Ali Taylor, UK Puleng struggles to take care of her ailing father as a terrible drought comes to an end with the arrival of rain.

Everything was life by Ellie Land, UK An experimental documentary about female genital mutilation.

Pocedi Trymion / Heavy Pockets by Sarah Cox, UK A film about a girl who becomes immune to the effects of gravity.

Quartier21 Artist in Residence
(3-month scholarship in Vienna’s Museum Quarter)

Wie gewünscht / As You Wish by Anna Kalus, Germany
A prince is given three wishes as a present.

Tricky Women City of Vienna Prize and Festival Audience Award

City Paradise by Gaëlle Denis, UK When Tomoko arrives in London, she has no idea that soon she will discover a mysterious secret hidden beneath the city.

Culture2Culture has been organizing cultural as well as scientific and interdisciplinary events focusing on women, film & video since 1991. The association’s objective is to draw public attention to the artistic and cultural work of women. Devoted exclusively to female animation film, the first Tricky Women festival took place in March 2001 in Vienna and was a great success.


Through Nostalgia by Živa Moškrič, Slovenia / UK Through Nostalgia is a part of Soundmaps, a project dealing with the relationship between music, narrative and visuals within a motion graphics piece, and in which narrative and movement are directly based on as well as driven by music. The content of Through Nostalgia explores attitudes towards past, childhood and memories.

Selection: Culture2Culture (Austria)
An additional animation selected by the City of Women

Üks Uks (trailer) Tricky Women 2005, Maya Yonesho, Japan
Extn. 21, Lizzie Oxby, UK, 2002, Beta-SP, 9’
Passport, Siri Melchior, UK, 1999, Beta-SP, 6’ 49’’
Feathers, Elicia Fineston, UK, 1999, Beta-SP, 5’ 38’’
Fire, Jenny Bowers, UK, 1999, Beta-SP, 1’
Agricultural Report, Melina Sydney Padua, Ireland, 2004, 35mm, 2’
Don’t piss down my back..., Barbara Doser, Austria, 2002, Beta-SP, 11’
Feel it, Susi Jirkuff, Austria, 2004, DVD, 5’ 40’’
Communications Factory, Jen Sachs, USA, 2004, Beta-SP, 6’ 30’’
Puleng, Ali Taylor, UK, 2004, DVD, 3’ 07’’
Everything was life, Ellie Land, UK, 2004, DVD, 4’
Pocedi Trymion / Heavy Pockets, Sarah Cox, UK, 2004, 35mm, 5’ 58’’
Wie gewünscht / As You Wish, Anna Kalus, Germany, 2003, DVD, 14’ 02”
City Paradise, Gaëlle Denis, UK, 2004, 35mm, 6’
Through Nostalgia, Živa Moškrič, Slovenia / UK, 2005, DVD, 4’

Organisation: City of Women
In collaboration with: Kinodvor
With support of: British Council, Slovenia

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Oct 12th 20:10
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