IMA SALON #3/06 – Resonance Room 06

Multimedia Events

20th century to the outbreak of the Second World War. Many utopian dreams were created and a deal of what we now refer to as multimedia art is based on these dreams. How did women participate in the creation of art and technology, and what kind of utopian dreams did they have? Seppo Gründler and Cordula Bösze will discuss this question together with the life and work of Mary Ellen Bute and her pioneering work in “Lichtmusik” (visual music).

IMA Fiction
is the first in the Institute’s portrait series dedicated to women artists active in media arts with a particular emphasis on acoustic art. The double portrait, respectively by Elisabeth Schimana and Martin Breindl presents artists Rebekah Wilson (a.k.a. Netochka Nezvanova) and Liesl Ujvary.
In addition to this presentation and discussion of theory, the IMA will present Nightline performances by Ushi Reiter, Starsky, Elisabeth Schimana, Rebekah Wilson (Netochka Nezvanova) and Liesl Ujvary.

Organisation: City of Women
In collaboration with: IMA & LTNC-Lady Tigers Night Club, Austrija; Kiberpipa
With the support of: Österreichisches Kulturforum Ljubljana; Bundeskanzleramt-Kunst; Niederösterreich kultur  


Date and time of event: 
Oct 06th
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