Kaj? Što? Šta? Ča? / What?


Despite the erstwhile intensity of Slovenia’s political, cultural and economic ties with the Bosnian-Croatian and Serbian (B-H-S) speaking regions of Yugoslavia, not so very long ago, over the last fifteen years these connections have been reduced almost exclusively to the field of trade and commerce. As a result, Slovenian literature has not merely lost significant translations, as well as consequent publishing markets, but has also virtually abandoned the established cultural communication channels with the countries of former Yugoslavia. This literary translation workshop shall focus on an introduction to the various stages of a translation project (from the selection of a text, establishing contact with the publisher, copyright and royalty issues etc.), as well as the specifics of literary translation between related languages such as the Southern Slavic group, namely Slovene, Bosnian (B), Croatian (H) and Serbian (S). The topics shall encompass the lexical and syntax characteristics of B-H-S languages, as well as the new linguistic standards. The workshop, which is to span several days, will be divided into two parts: first a discussion on theoretical and pragmatic premises, followed by an evaluation of actual literary translations of the works - by female authors - produced by participants. The conclusion of the workshop will be accompanied by a reading of translated works. 


Đurđa Strsoglavec is an assistant professor at the Department of Croatian and Serbian Literature at Ljubljana University Faculty of Arts, as well as translator from Southern Slavic languages.

Lada Stevanović is a classical philologist, anthropologist and translator, as well as a researcher, at the Institute of Ethnography in Belgrade.

A reading of works from the Translation Workshop, together with the poetry of Maruša Krese and Šejla Šehabović will be held on Tuesday 10th October at 4 pm at Cankarjev dom, Klub Lili Novy.

Organisation and production: City of Women
In collaboration with: Cankarjev dom 
With the support of: ISH-Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis, Skrivanek prevajalske storitve d.o.o.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 06th - Oct 08th
Place of event: 
Cankarjev dom