La Vie Autrement (Life Differently)

Belgium, digital beta, 2005, 49’
Video evening

In Do You Remember Revolution (presented at the 1997 City of Women), Loredana Bianconi interviewed four Italian women with a revolutionary past (former members of the Red Brigades); in her latest documentary La Vie Autrement / Life Differently she presents four Belgian women of Moroccan extraction, caught between two worlds, two cultures, two languages...

“Is it possible, coming from a family of North African immigrants, being a daughter or a wife, to invent one's life, to choose to abandon the universe of tradition, to break with one's  family, without  necessarily forsaking your roots or relatives? Four portraits of women give an account of a generation who are living their lives through their own choices. Their mothers were illiterate, but dreamed of a university education for their daughters. They invested their hopes in their children, but also their desires for what they lacked, and their solitudes. Through the exercise of creation, Amina, Farida, Hayat and Madiha have found their path to freedom. Whether it be through writing, painting, music or theatre, each of these women offers an honourable and thoroughly convincing account of a journey, situated in the narrow spaces separating two worlds, two languages, two cultures. It is a journey allowing them to evolve true to themselves; the question is having faith in what you will become.”

Organisation: City of Women
In collaboration with: Kinodvor
With the support of: Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Date and time of event: 
Oct 04th 21:00
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