Salon TV

Experimental Internet – TV – Streaming Project

In October 2004 the LTNC – Lady Tigers Night Club women artists’ platform launched Magic Garden TV. This television project was based on the concept of spontaneous media usage, comparable to the TV experiments of the 1970s, but this time they were realized using technologies and techniques of the 21st century, such as web streaming.

"Many initiatives and projects were formed during the 1970s, and these arose in the context of a general critical attitude towards mass media. Their aim was to find alternative ways of using media, such as democratising television. Self-managed video groups came into existence, local television program initiatives began experimenting, and projects featuring the public started using portable camcorders".
Translated from:

The Internet still is the most popular framework for ideas of democratisation and models of participation. Today used as an agent for art productions, the Net is probably comparable with experimental television of the 1970s. The Graz-based LTNC artist initiative will examine this theory through of a series of TV productions. More information is available at:

Method: at location X – in this instance Ljubljana – LTNC members will produce video/audio/photo footage of interviews, street scenes, interventions, performances, discussions, and slightly different TV-shows. This footage is then fed into the web to be narrowcasted to several remote locations, where additional artists intervene on site. These remote stations are: Machfeld-Studio, Vienna; ESC im Labor, Graz;, Linz; and an additional remote input station in London with Sol Haring from SMARTlab/UEL.

The transmission shall be a recombination of all the different formats, during which the artists shall use recorded and live action and programming, as well as - from time to time - interaction with the audience. Salon TV will also relate to the Festival's theme of "Memory / History" in the creation of its programming. The television studio and narrowcasting station will be installed as part of the project IMA SALON #3/06 in Kiberpipa 

Over several days the following LTNC artists will team up and take turns:
DIVANOVA 06, Bettina Fabian, Karin Fassold, Sol Haring, Anita Hofer, Reni Hofmüller, io, Ursula Kiesling, Frau von Noeten, Peter Mörth, Andrea Schlemmer, Maki Stollberg and Eva Ursprung.

LTNC – Lady Tigers Night Club & IMA (Austria)
Salon TV
Experimental Internet – TV – Streaming Project
Low budget streaming TV
Kiberpipa (workbase) and various locations in Ljubljana

Organisation: City of Women
In collaboration with: Kiberpipa
With the support of: Österreichisches Kulturforum Ljubljana; Niederösterreich kultur  


Date and time of event: 
Oct 02nd - Oct 07th
Place of event: