COWeb online platform with active educational programme under the mentorship of Andreja Kopač and Maja Krajnc

This year's novelty within the COWeb festival project is a contextual writing workshop. The workshop's most distinctive »context« will be provided by the artists themselves; indeed, the workshop will be held with the active participation of selected writers - Oreet Ashery, Kira O'Reilly, Helena Hunter and Denys Blacker - who share the intertwining of artistic genres and the articulation of the reflective premise.
The workshop will take the form of guided discussions and attempts to articulate a thought and to write it down as an artistic act that will go beyond the established genres of writing about art. Thus we will try to focus on the relation to an individual’s work, considering contexts contributed by the artists themselves.
The workshop held by Andreja Kopač will take place in the small hall at Kinodvor.

In addition, COWeb will again organise a critical writing workshop in the field of film. Under the mentorship of Maja Kranjc, after every screening, participants will identify the possible ways of reading and writing about the featured films. The workshop, taking the form of active discussions, will be held in the lobby at Kinodvor. Publication activities will encompass contributions in the form of theory, reviews, reflexive expressions and interviews.

Andreja Kopač is a journalist and publicist. In addition to holding an M.A. in the Linguistics of Speech and Theory of Social Communication at the ISH, Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities, she is also a PhD student of Sociology of Culture at the Faculty of Art at University of Ljubljana. As a publicist, she works with the Maska and Dialogi magazines. In 2008, she obtained a scholarship from Mobile Lab and Gulliver Connect, the international programmes aimed at young critics. Between 2005 and 2008 she was employed at the Maska Institute in the field of art education; she was the coordinator of the Seminar of Contemporary Performing Arts and organised the project Platform of Interdisciplinary Dramaturgy. She has recently been engaged as a dramaturge, performer, freelance publicist, and participates in a number of local and international projects.

Maja Krajnc has a university degree in journalism; her diploma thesis was a research on contemporary Slovene film criticism. She is a PhD candidate in Media Studies at ISH, Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities. She was the editor of the catalogue and newspaper at Kino Otok 2009 -2010 and the editor of the online newspaper at the Animateka, the festival of animated film, in 2008 and 2009. Maja Krajnc held a workshop on critical writing at the City of Women Festival 2009. She actively participates at academic conferences on film topics. She is a film critic and the member of the editorial board of film and film-related topics magazine Kino!