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Drop Dead


Stegnar, I sure hope you know what you are doing! Are you ready? Have you fed your cat? Drink your last whisky, have your last cigarette, read the very last story to your daughter and tell her father what only the last sentence can say … And think hard what your farewell music will be.
Now it’s time for you to decide what you’re going to do, how are you doing it? And why are you doing it? Stegnar, you’re the only measure of what you are doing. Now you’re the only thread that can bind things together. Stegnar – if you are to bark cynical comments and throw out sarcastic laughter then you better shut your mouth up. I don’t want to listen to you, I don’t want to look at you, I don’t want to know you. Do me a favour and finish before you even begin. Drop dead!

Concept: Katarina Stegnar, Bojan Jablanovec; Assistance: Nataša Živković, Uroš Kaurin, Boris Kadin; Performed by: Katarina Stegnar; Producer: Špela Trošt; Production: Via Negativa on behalf of Via Nova.

Organisation: City of Women; In collaboration with: Glej Theatre.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 17th 19:00 - 20:00
Place of event: 
Glej Theatre