Film still

Out of Love (Ønskebørn)

Short Documentary
Denmark, 2009 / 30’

There is something about Out of Love that one cannot quite put one’s finger on. A sensation of deep unreality and of something which also feels so real that one can’t help but feeling captured by its stranglehold. We are in Kosovo, among the city's street children, in 2009. But we are as far from observational documentarism as one can be. The film's director Birgitte Staermose is looking for something else. She wants to tell a story that rises above the street level; a story about the children and their loss, grief, survival and humanity. A story that goes much further than the story of the individual; instead a story that tackles their collective history and thus a reality which is much broader.

Direction: Birgitte Staermose; Screenwriter: Peter Asmussen; Producer: Jesper Morthorst; With the participation of: Liridon Abdullahu, Xhevahire Abdullahu, Shpresim Azemi, Besarta Baha, Drenusha Beha, Besnik Hyseni, Gëzin Kelemendi, Lulzim Kelemendi, Leotrim Kraniqi, Florim Krasniqi, Shkëlqim Krasniqi, Shpëtim Krasniqi, Valon Selimi; Language: Albanian; Slovene subtitles.

Organisation: City of Women; Co-organisation: Kinodvor.

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Oct 13th 17:00 - 19:00
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