Over the Bones

Fictional Documentary
UK, 2008 /30’

Over The Bones develops Ginsborg’s interest in juxtaposing documentary and fictional elements in order to disrupt the viewers’ expectations of conventional narrative structure.

The film interweaves the lives of two intentionally incongruous individuals, a Scottish truck driver and an Anglo-Nigerian female singer. Witnessed in their separate working environments, the characters’ stories slowly converge until they meet through an accident at a swimming pool that has dramatic consequences for both characters. Based on the structure of a road movie and combining voiceover, interview footage and live performance, questions arise as to whether the events unfolding are true and to what extent the cast are acting. Are they figments of each other’s imaginations? Or, in fact, each other’s alter egos?

Director, Screenwriter, Editor: Charlotte Ginsborg; Producer: Veronica Saez; Music: Spektrum; Sound design: Ron Wright; Cast: Forbes KB, Lola Olafaysoie; Language: English; Slovene subtitles.

Organisation: City of Women; Co-organisation: Kinodvor.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 13th 17:00 - 19:00
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