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The Three Bridges

Action on The Three Bridges

In the heart of Ljubljana are “The Three Bridges”; an old stone bridge built in 1842 and two later additions on either side of it completed in 1931 by the famous Slovenian architect Plecnik. This one-of-a-kind triple bridge is a landmark of the city. It is also a stage set for an action by Oreet Ashery and Roberto Foddai.

This action begins at exactly at 5 minutes before midnight on the 13th of October 2010. Ashery and Foddai will be on the bridge sitting silently next to each other. Piece-by-piece they remove their own clothes, stripping away outer layers of their identity and exchanging items, adopting the external mantle each previously belonged to. Three bridges, three states, not just male and female, he and she, past and future, but a third state, the state of a change, transition, new identity not separate but intrinsic to the other at the midpoint between each state. Manmade and yet natural, emasculated and yet empowered.

Organisation and production: City of Women.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 13th 23:55
Place of event: 
Tromostovje (The Three Bridges)