Some Other Stories (Neke druge zgodbe)

Marija Džidževa   Ana Maria Rossi   Ivona Juka   HANNA SLAK  
2010/ 114’ / Omnibus
Croatia / Serbia / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Macedonia / Slovenia

Five countries, five women, five stories all revealing the social pulse in the territories of the former Yugoslavia. This omnibus film’s narratives are focused on young generations, their dilemmas, doubts, hopes and relationships to current topics. All five stories, dramaturgically-wise, share a common subject – a pregnancy, motherhood and the birth of a new life in all imaginable meanings of this existential phenomenon.

The project’s origins go back to 2005, when the film critic Nenad Dukić, following a discussion with his colleagues from the region, engaged the participating artists and producers. With five producers and five women directors from five countries all equally involved in the process of film preparation and production, this is the first creative and production collaboration between all of the countries which formed the state of Yugoslavia (with the exceptions of Montenegro and Kosovo, which gained their independence after the project had already started).

Hanna Slak (1975), director of the Slovenian section, graduated from Ljubljana’s film academy AGRFT. She is a screenwriter and director of the internationally awarded feature films Blind Spot (2002) and Tea (2007), as well as short and documentary films. Some Other Stories is Slak’s second omnibus film, the first being Desperado Tonic (2004). Ivona Juka (1975), Ana Maria Rossi (1972), Ines Tanović (1965) and Marija Džidževa (1970) are all making their full-length feature film debuts; thus far, they have directed short films (Juka, Tanović), feature-length documentaries (Juka, Džidževa) and films for television (Rossi).

Directed by: Ivona Juka, Ana Maria Rossi, Ines Tanović, Marija Džidževa, Hanna Slak; Screenplay: Ivona Juka, Ana Maria Rossi, Ines Tanović, Gorče Stavreski and Vardan Torzija, Hanna Slak; Photography: Mario Oljača, Radoslav Vladić, Erol Zubčević, Dejan Dimeski, Sven Pepeonik; Editing: Ivor Ivezić, Andrija Zafranović , Mateja Rackov, Nijaz Kožljak, Igor Andreevski, Hanna Slak; Music: Brian Crosby, Vlada Divljan, Igor Čamo; Producers: Dunja Klemenc (Studio Maj), Anita Juka (4 Film), Nenad Dukić (SEE Film Pro), Tomi Salkovski (Skopje Film Studio), Alem Babić (Dokument), Ian Davis (DIG Productions).

Cast: Nera Stipičević, Goran Bogdan; Nataša Ninković, Sergej Trifunović; Nina Violić, Fedja Štukan, Emir Hadžihafizbegović; Iva Zendelska, Slaviša Kajevski; Lucija Šerbedžija, Marko Mandić, Petra Govc, Maruša Kink, Ludvik Bagari, Manca Dorrer.

Organisation: Cinemania Group; Co-organisation: City of Women, Kinodvor, Studio Maj.


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Sep 28th 19:00
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Daily screenings through Friday, October 7th; interspersed screenings through Wednesday, October 21st / Kinodvor
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