Foto: © Predrag Pajdić, 2011

There Is No Such Thing as The End


There Is No Such Thing As The End is a collaboration project between Alexandra Eldridge and Predrag Pajdic. Around 20 Victorian glass plates were discovered in the attic of a stately home in Texas. Once meticulously cleaned of 100 years of dust, they revealed images from a portrait studio of astonishing beauty filled with haunting charm and mystery. This project contemplates death, as well as delighting in life. Is there such a thing as the end? The images of the discovered Victorian glass plates were printed on antique Chinese scrolls, later painted, drawn upon and embroidered by the artists. A dozen scrolls are accompanied by a video shot on location in the British countryside in March 2011. This project was produced especially for the Spellbound exhibition, where it will be shown for the first time. (Predrag Pajdic)

Production and organisation: City of Women; In collaboration with: Škuc Gallery.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 05th - Oct 24th
Place of event: 
Škuc Gallery