Dasniya Sommer - Ma√15' {idiosyncrasy}| sin x= ly-fx²¯


The self-suspension performance Ma√15' {idiosyncrasy}| sin x= ly-fx²¯ combines Japanese rope bondage with aspects of ballet. The base material consists of 70 meters of hemp rope, pointe shoes and turquoise dye. In the rehearsal process, a medusa-like character evolved, as well as a sort of dancing satyr. She ties herself up and suspends herself in the air, and so generates hovering moments of mental silence, against the synthesizer rock of Antonio Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’.
Besides the sensual and conventional use of bondage in couple constellations, ropes can also be used to tie one’s own self up. This act is often done by women. It does not focus on hierarchic sexualized dynamics or romanticized longing. Rather, it reveals an interior monologue and plays figuratively with gestures of self-determination and enjoyment. Nevertheless, physical nakedness in a public context opens up fields of tension. But the transparent emotional situation allows for it to take a back seat, to become more normal, because the texture of ropes have a distinctive effect against bare skin.

Concept, Performance, Costume: Dasniya Sommer; Music: Antonio Vivaldi, Frets On Fire, youtube.com/​watch?v=YUbeN2x2aQU; Produced by: Tanztage Berlin GbR, 2009, in cooperation with Sophiensaele Berlin e.V.; Subsidized by the Senate Chancellery Berlin – Cultural Department; Co-produced by Schwelle 7.