Erre que erre / Mariangeles G. Angulo & Román Torre - Avatar

Avatar* is the research and interaction of a moving body on and with an interactive virtual space. Throughout the performance, the dancer’s body faces unknown situations and areas with which it interacts in its decision-making process.
It is an interpretative and conceptual premise, the fact represented on stage, and the play our own avatar, which is the virtual representation of ourselves.
Avatar* is a solo dance in which the player is in constant dialogue with the software responsible for the different pre-programmed event narratives that reacts based on movements, gestures and attitudes detected through the screen by cameras that send position signals to the computer in charge of processing the data which then forwards them to the stage area in real time.

Concept and interpretation: Mariangeles G. Angulo and Román Torre; Choreography: Mariangeles G. Angulo; Visual design and assembly: Román Torre; Software programming: Román Torre and Ping Pong Technologies; Assistant direction: Mario G. Sáez; Movement assistant: Víctor Zambrana; Assistant choreographic direction from the Institut del Teatre: Margherita Bergamo; Music: David Crespo; Lighting: Carles Rigual; Graphic design: Kike Segurola; Costumes: Kike Palma; Executive production: Erre que erre; Co-production: Erre que erre, Centro Párraga – Región de Murcia, Consejería de Cultura y Turismo (Murcia), La Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Gijón), Matadero Madrid (Madrid).