Liz Aggiss - Survival Tactics


“Liz Aggiss stood out for a number of reasons. Her practice rejects something which seems to be an unquestioned aspect of most other dance work I have seen, and embraces a humour which seems elsewhere to be missing. The thing she rejects is beauty for its own sake.” (Ed Rapley, Total Theatre, 2010)

For the past 30 years, Liz Aggiss has dodged categorisation and has been classified as an unclassifiable maverick artist. Whilst attending to her transgressive corporeality, and acknowledging that she is no longer a spring chicken, Liz Aggiss is far from being clapped out. Indeed, she is raring to go. Survival Tactics challenges expectations of what her aging, post-menopausal, fleshy dancing body should be doing, why she should be doing it, and where it should be done. Inspired by Ausdruckstanz, grotesque dance and British music hall, Liz Aggiss pays homage to her historical mentors (and to herself) through a seamless fusion of text and movement, film and reconstruction.