Meta Grgurevič & Urša Vidic - Murder, My Sweet


Murder, My Sweet happens when two fine artists do a remake of a film noir by replacing the media of the moving picture with that of a gallery venue wherein they install their gesamtkunstwerk. The directors, not needing a movie camera for their story, have staged a full-blooded experience, a spatial homage to film that affects the viewer both by its strong psychological charge as well as a persuasive visual structure allowing an intense and memorable sensorial experience. Murder, My Sweet is a dark and mysterious labyrinth of metropolis sidewalks, electrified with erotic lust and obscure sinisterness; there are light and darkness, sex and violence, a feeling in one’s bones of cigarette smoke and cheap whisky… In some of their previous joint art projects, Meta Grgurevic and Urša Vidic addressed the subject of femininity in pop culture. Although a cynical, hard-ass and disappointed macho, a typical hero of film noir, is featured, their narrative is focused on a woman this time as well. A daring, seductive and amoral femme fatale. The artists draw from the rich heritage of popular culture mainly through the language of form: their work is foremost an exploration of a specific visual language, an exploration of the possibility of transposing it from the film to the fine art mis-en-scene. The result is a dramatic experience that offers the viewer here and now the experience of film noir; although three-dimensional, it still remains black-and-white. (Matjaž Brulc)

Since 2010, the artists have been intensively working on solo joint projects (Flowers Are Inherently Disgusting, MGML, Vžigalica Gallery, 2010; Deadly Kiss Me, Simulaker Gallery, 2011) and participating in group exhibitions (Šest umetnic(se) predstavlja, Odprti atelje, Maribor; Yes, AKTO festival, Macedonia, and others).