Miwa Matreyek - Myth and Infrastructure

Performance with interactive installation
2010 / 20’

Matreyek is interested in how animation transforms when it is combined with the body and space (and vice-versa) and takes on a more physical and present quality, while the body and space take on a more fantastical 
Myth and Infrastructure is a multi-media performance using projected animation. As artist Miwa Matreyek walks behind the screen, her shadow becomes an integral part of a fantastical world: she traverses oceanscapes and cityscapes as she conjures magical domestic scenes with light and shadow. Matreyek’s performance can be viewed as a cinematic experience taking place on a screen. What is seen on the screen is a collapsed product of multiple layers of animation, objects and body. Her work exists in a juxtaposition of illusion and non-illusion.

Created and performed by: Miwa Matreyek; Music by: Anna Oxygen, Caroline Lufkin, Mirah; Additional music by: Mileece.