Nataša Mihoci - Nobody Is Innocent

Nobody Is Innocent, featuring the students of the ZKM dance studio between 6 and 14 years of age

The project deals with the subject of the individual, that part of our personality that is “just ours” and in which we feel free. By accepting and imitating the contents from our environment, we are constantly losing this freedom. The learning process means both gaining and losing. If the process of learning or growing up is referred to as “dirtying” and losing oneself, the question raised is whether we have ever been clean and innocent. Is there any such thing as innocence?
The answer to this question is explored by comparing adult female “dancing” bodies with the bodies of girls, their immaturity and straightforwardness, as well as the lack of dancing skills. The main focus is an individual’s formation in comparison and in relation to others. The project addresses the role of media and popular culture, which impose children’s trends, role models, ideals, etc. How do explicit sexual contents accessible via media destroy the innocence of young girls, who absorb and imitate these contents in the formation of their female identities. If the media culture is the one teaching us how to become a woman, children, in their lost purity, cannot be compared to angels.