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Introduction to the Film Programme

Film programme selected by: Simon Popek

The subject of aging has for long been neglected, not only in the context of feminist and women's studies, but it has also been neglected – not to say warned against – in a good proportion of global film productions. In a medium always based on spectacle and idealising its (youthful) actors-icons, this context was never considered a subject worthy to address nor to be a market niche.
To be honest, aging has never been popular, whilst women directors are usually considered a disposable part of the creative (mainstream) production apparatus and often out-cast to the field of documentary film. This is the reason why this very "margin" of production, topics and identity (the formula "documentary + aging + female gender") has produced in recent years, some of the most interesting works; films which do not necessarily address just aging but also the conflicts of ideologies, races and identities, as well as the "aging" of the 20th century, as testified by old women. Grandmothers. Sometimes revolutionaries, other times just (in men's eyes) annoying old nags. Sometimes they remember too much, other times their memory falls apart.
These films also open the issue of intergenerational solidarity, and in particular they don't favour the constancy of life's development, but rather its cyclic nature. (Simon Popek)


Monday, October 8th
6 pm / Sarah Polley / Away From Her, film

Tuesday, October 9th
6 pm / Naomi Kawase / Katatsumori & Sun on the Horizon, films

Thursday, October 11th
6 pm/ Kersti Uibo / Still Life With Wife, film & / Zemira Alajbegović, Neven Korda / Slices of Time (Rezine časa), films

Friday October 12th
6 pm / Petra Seliškar / Grandmothers of the Revolution (Babice revolucije), film

Saturday, October 13th
6 pm / Lidiya Bobrova / Granny (Babusja), film

All screenings will be at Kosovel Hall, Cankarjev dom.

There’s a single ticket covering both films screened on Tuesday and Thursday.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 08th - Oct 13th
Place of event: 
Cankarjev dom – Kosovel Hall