Ann-Sofie Öman on The Long Table presented by Lois Weaver

The idea of creating a space, a long table as for a formal dinner, where people can come and sit down and discuss whatever they have on their mind is of course commendable. This time a monochrome space (white) was created at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and that might have had an effect on what kind of people you could expect to come, and what kind of topics that would be discussed.

The people that sat down at the table were all more or less connected to the management of the Cita of Women Festival, or artists performing at the festival. The discussion started in the world of academics, how to include common people in art events, and continued after an hour with a discussion about the Slovene phenomenon "protestival" - a gathering where people protest against something at the same time as they are having a good time, partying. There was a suspicion that maybe people came to these gatherings more for having a good time than for the protesting, which of course is not the best way of practicing democracy. What politician wants to listen to people like that?

And there I had to leave.


-Ann-Sofie Öman
Covering the City of Women festival for the Swedish magazine Danstidningen 


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