Ann-Sofie Öman on Schlus mit Kunst/Enough of Art by Editta Braun Company

Will there be a day when all artists decide that now it is enough of arts, because the planet Earth is on its way falling to pieces? I hope that day never will come, because then the condition of our planet is really, really bad.

A dance performance claiming that that day is already here - Enough of Arts - must be created by a very brave person, in this case a woman: Editta Braun. Courageously the Editta Braun Company from Austria showed the audience how bad it is with the help of videos and photos, and that is usually not the way you would choose if you want many people in the audience. We don't want to hear it, we don't want to see it.

But the contrasts between the plain facts and the playful dancing of the three dancers made it endurable to take in the possibility that maybe that day is already here.

Will all the artists in the world come together for a worldwide manifestation in the name of the planet Earth? I doubt it! But why not?

It seemed as if the AC was in order this time. The air was much better and the faint sizzle from the ventilation system was absolutely not disturbing. Keep it on!


-Ann-Sofie Öman
Covering the City of Women festival for the Swedish magazine Danstidningen