Ann-Sofie Öman on What Tammy Found Out... About Being Femme by Lois Weaver

What we hear and see is an American woman artist, i.e. Lois Weaver, who is telling the story of her life and her career in an amusing way, while feeding the audience with too many cupcakes - one for each year she has lived. The story is accompanied by photos and films and there is something going on all the time. The atmosphere is that of a big family coming together in order to watch the videos and photos shot during the life of a relative, while having a snack.

It seemed to be nice and pleasant experience for the audience as well as the lecturer, and I wish that the moments when families all over the world gather in order to watch each other’s videos and photos were just as pleasant.


-Ann-Sofie Öman
Covering the City of Women festival for the Swedish magazine Danstidningen