Ann-Sofie Öman on Yugo Yoga by Lara Ritosa Roberts

For those of us who grew up outside the borders of the former Eastern Europe, the performance Yugo Yoga is very much the closest we will ever get to the reality of the people living in a 20th Century communist country. Sure, I've seen images of mass gymnastics in the name of the Red Star on documentaries on TV, but it's a completely different story to see it live.

The performance on Kongresni trg today, Monday 6th October, at 6 pm has the potential of becoming a true post communist happening. How clever it is of the City of Women festival management to have a second performance, and to choose Kongresni trg as the venue for a very entertaining show where people in the audience, who choose not to participate in the activities, are asked to wave red flags in the air while a choir on a record from the period sings the International. That might have happened once or twice, or event more often, on that very trg for not so very long ago.


-Ann-Sofie Öman
Covering the City of Women festival for the Swedish magazine Danstidningen


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