My Body, My Territory


My Body, My Territory is a socially engaged performance about sexual violence against women. It is dedicated to sexual abuse survivors and addresses the complex process that women who have experienced it go through: from the moment of rape to the point when they decide to report it to the police and dare to say: »Rape is never a woman's fault. The perpetrator is the one who should be ashamed.« The performance reflects on the position of a victim who feels she has no choice and is unable to defend herself. While she is in a state of shock, paralysed by fear, the perpetrator's violence continues. In the second part, a dramatised audio recording of the police investigation reveals the additional degradation and humiliation of the victim who has to answer questions like »What did you wear?« and »Did you defend yourself?«. In addition, she is told that »It all comes down to his word against yours«. In the final part, the audience gains an insight into the personal struggle of a deeply wounded woman who nevertheless decides to fight the perpetrator: to report him and face him at court where he is going to receive the punishment he deserves.

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My Body, My Territory

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Organisation: Red Dawns
Supported by: Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, European Cultural Fundation - STEP Beyond Travel Grants

Date and time of event: 
Oct 26th 13:00
Place of event: 
Ljubljana Central Market
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