Christa Holka

What Tammy Found Out … About Being Femme

2013 / 60'

Since the early 1980’s Lois Weaver and other ultra femmes have been making performances that celebrate the drag queen in all of us. Resisting and challenging expectations of what it means to be female, they are the women who impersonate women.  Lois’s long-term partner in this is Tammy WhyNot who took up residence in Lois’s body in the 1970’s. Arriving fully formed like Venus on a Tour Bus, dressed in pink and orange chiffon, Tammy claims to be a trailer park survivor who gave up a career in country music to become a lesbian performance artist and has now become a university professor.

In this performance lecture Tammy will be offering a frontline report on her favourite subject: the importance of being femme, being seen and being seen as a femme.  She will be drawing from the development of FeMUSEum, a collaborative project with Bird la Bird, Amy Lamé and Carmelita Tropicana for Performance Matters (2011) that celebrates feminine lineage and legacy, but she will also talk about what she and Lois have found out about femme visibility from over 63 years of collective research.

Price: € 7, € 5 (students and pensioners upon submission of an identity card, and self-employed in culture), unemployed free entry. There’s a single ticket covering both performances in Glej Theatre.

Part of Just Like a Woman programme. 




Date and time of event: 
Oct 11th 18:10 - 19:10
Place of event: 
Glej Theatre