Dickie Beau - Lost in Trans

2013 / 70’

Lost in Trans sees drag fabulist, performance phenomenon and gender disillusionist Dickie Beau continue his experiments with found sound, breathing new life into old audio and re-visioning the drag tradition of lip synching. Continuing his shtick of using playback to 'channel' voices he sees as misplaced, misrepresented or misunderstood, Dickie 're-writes' audio artefacts, playing them back through his body to become a performing archive of the missing. Lost in Trans weaves a compelling web of words and images drawn from sources as varied as the film Paris is Burning and an audio love letter from the 1960’s found on the floor of a commuter train in New Hampshire, culminating in an unorthodox revisioning of Echo, the Nymph who died of a broken heart and left only the sound of her voice behind. 

“Phenomenal talent... a powerful and moving artist… breath-taking.”
Time Out

Dramaturgy: Julia Bardsley Lighting Design: Marty Langthorne Sound design: Will Saunders Video filming and consultant: Lukas Demgenski

Part of the Just Like A Woman programme. 


Lost in Trans