To give structure chaos

Sound Performance

Damenkapelle's reckless dilettantism, daring outfits, obsession with warpaint, and an eclectic array of dirty rock 'n' roll jubilees capture the audience's imagination and usually lead to moshing. Sound performance called To give structure chaos, which will be performed at the festival, is also their motto. It will be built up like mini pop-dramas, featuring stories about ''Daddy Long Legs'', ''cobwebs in your mouth yawning'', and voices of the dead, speaking of ''restless wonders in rapid succession''. The all-woman performative octet grew up in Munich, dreaming about becoming musicians, degenerates or dentists, and their collective performance is a little bit of each and it is no different from a fast drill on a rear molar. A mash of twisted country stompers, post-punk screaming darkness, sixties garage medleys, and disco dreamers combine into a surprisingly cohesive amalgam of old and new, wrapped up in truly good and visually exuberant sound performance. The listeners will witness the energy, no cuts, laughter and screams left in for the effect, performed from the beginning to the end, and so be it. These girls are definitely having a good time. When audience will experience the sound performance, they will want to sing along full-belt, and move their feet to the voodoo beat.

Organisation: Red Dawns
In collaboration with: Menza pri koritu
Supported by: Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, City Municipality of Ljubljana- Department for Culture.