Laila Soliman - No Time for Art 0.1.

2011 / 60' – 80'

This part of the No Time for Art series intercuts three first-hand testimonies, comparing police and military violence and injustice before and after the Egyptian Revolution. A young blind musician, a young prisoner’s testimony given voice by his sister, and a young actor tell their stories as one.

The performers complement and split plot threads, which are randomly spun around the brutal arrest of two prisoners: one in October 2007, the other in March 2011.

The setting is minimalistic; the power comes from the words of the precisely cut testimonies. The density overwhelms and moves. Powerlessness and resistance lie, in this dispute between pre- and post-revolutionary brutality, close to each other. In the background, the state-TV channel flickers.
Blessed is the success of the military over the “Criminals who have terrorized the community.” (Laila Soliman)

Concept & Direction: Laila Soliman, Sherin Hegazy, Zainab Magdy, Mina El Naggar, Mustafa Said Based on testimonies by: Aly Sobhy, Sherif Hegazy, Mustafa Said Production, Lights & Video: Ruud Gielens 

Performed in Arabic with English subtitles.

Organisation: City of Women; In collaboration with: Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana