Laila Soliman - No Time for Art 0.3.

2011 / 60' – 80'

In No Time for Art 0.3., a dialogue takes place between two young men who are both locked within a system that dangerously overshadows their future. One is doing his mandatory Military Service while outside his country is burning and dramatically changing course; the army nevertheless keeps on functioning and following the chain of command, business as usual.

The other is locked away in an Egyptian prison cell on false charges and is still awaiting his retrial. His views on the inside of the prison and the country, combined with the desperately grabbing onto life outside, are proclaimed by letters that were smuggled out of the prison to his sister, who performs his part, and the director.

The two testimonies hold strange similarities, and the intercutting creates one meta-­story that gives us an insight and reflection on how to deal with these superimposed systems that don’t allow any questions or change.

Concept & direction: Laila Soliman, Ahmed El Gendy, Habiba Hegazy, Sherin Hegazy Based on testimonies by:Ahmed El Gendy, Habiba Hegazy, Sherif Hegazy Production, Lights & Video: Ruud Gielens Special Thanks:Nedjma Hadj

Performed in Arabic with English subtitles.

Organisation: City of Women; In collaboration with: Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana