Lara Ritosa Roberts - Yugo Yoga, first time

Participatory performance
2008 / 20–30'

Yugo Yoga is a series of participatory performances that traverse visual art, live art & movement theatre by fusing elements of yoga, archived physical exercises, poses from figurative revolutionary sculptures, political slogans and messages of self-improvement. The performance revisits European communist cultural heritage whilst raising issues of collectivism, social happiness and collective memory in contemporary society. Referencing modernist aesthetics of Constructivist and Futurist performance, the concept of “the body as moving sculpture” and New Age practices, Yugo Yoga communicates primarily through an act of embodiment – directly to and through the body. During the process, the boundaries between the spectator & performers blur into a “new collective body”. The past & present collide, an atmosphere of celebration is evoked and a spirit of optimism and communal activism aroused.

Concept & Direction: Lara Ritosa Roberts Performed by: Klaudia Wittman, Madie McGowan, Lara Ritosa Roberts.

Organisation: City of Women.
Supported by: EU Culture.

Date: Oct 05th
Place of event: Platform of Slovene Ethnographic Museum

Yugo Yoga