Maja Delak - What If?

 2013 / 60'

The solo performance What If? practises various prescribed and recommended lifestyles. It is the embodiment of conditionality, both the one dominating the formation of perceptions on socially acceptable ways of being as well as that which cuts into the auto-pilots of what is dictated. Through ideas of hysteria, shame and pleasure, the performer will construct a polyvalent language, juxtaposing autobiographical anecdotes, theory, a symptomatology of affective concepts and imagery of popular culture whilst quoting the ever-shifting idea of "being-in". (Emanat Institute)

Author and performer: Maja Delak;Texts: Saša Rakef, Maja Delak; Music: Luka Prinčič; Programming: Jakob Leben, Luka Prinčič; Light design: Urška Vohar 

Production: Emanat Institute; Co-production: City of Women, Dance Theatre Ljubljana; In collaboration with: Bunker Institute, Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana, Svetvinčenat Festival of Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre, Mediterranean Dance Centre 

What If