Tania El Khoury - Maybe if you choreograph me you will feel better

2011 / 30’

Maybe if you choreograph me you will feel better is a relationship between one male audience member and one female performer. The audience member stares out of a second story window and hears a female voice. She tells him to look out into the street.  Somewhere, among the dozens of passers-by, he will find a woman who will obey his every command. Using wireless headphones, Tania creates a deceptively simple piece about gender dynamics, voyeurism and cinema.

Performed by: Tania El Khoury Sound & Music by: Laura Whitticase

Performance for nine women and nine men (one gender representative per each performance). Applications are mandatory and can be submitted at the latest by October 10th, 2013, at pr@cityofwomen.org. 

Organisation: City of Women; In collaboration with: City Art Gallery of Ljubljana
Supported by: EU Culture.