Tanya Mars - Rare Parity

Durational Performance

Rare Parity is a durational, task-oriented performance that uses foreign currency as its primary material. Over the course of several hours the money is washed, dried, repainted and reconfigured. It can be presentational or have a relational component, or possibly a combination of the two, depending on the performance situation. The work takes a look at our (willing/unwilling) complicity in the economic fabric of our communities and our inextricable links to each other. Recent global economic uncertainty demonstrates how vulnerable we are to the policies and decisions of others and how fragile economies affect our lives. (Tanya Mars)

Organisation: City of Women.
Supported by: Canada Council for the Arts.

Date: Oct 04th & Oct 05th
Place of event: Congress Square (Pavilion) & Butcher’s Bridge

Rare Parity