“Dream dream dream sweet dreams”

Mirel Wagner has a haunting voice. It goes that far that some people have been overheard saying they would like to be sung to sleep every night by her. And the ones who haven’t said so, probably never attended a live show by the folky guitar player and singer, who has recently been signed to the legendary label Sub Pop.

The drink system at Menza that night is plain: You choose a drink from a table in the back of the room and put the money you want to pay in the provided plastic cups. The stage set up is similarly simple: A wooden chair and a microphone. But that is enough for Mirel. Just like on her records, she reaches full effect by using very little equipment.

With every seat in the venue being taken, people sit on the floor or stand at the back. Whether they have all heard Mirel’s hitsingle “Oak Tree” in this years’ festival trailer of City of Women or if they had heard of Mirel before? We don’t know. But we surely know they all went to sleep with her voice still in their heads: “Dream dream dream sweet dreams”.

Kristina Hens

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