City of Women Festival BLOG 2014

Welcome to the City of Women Festival Blog, where you will soon find reviews, discussions and musings dedicated to the 2014 festival program. This year, the blog is going to be written by Kristina Hens (Germany) and Tea Hvala (Slovenia).

Kristina Hens is a student of cultural studies mainly concentrating on issues involving Gender and Ethnicity. She volunteers at this years’ City of Women festival but is actually based in Berlin. When in Berlin, she likes to put on punk shows and eat cake.

Tea Hvala writes on feminist and queer art, activism, and grassroots media. Her texts are published in Prepih blog and other media. From 2002 to 2013, she co-organized the International Feminist and Queer Festival Rdeče zore (Red Dawns). Currently, she takes care of plants and co-hosts Sektor Ž, the only feminist radio show in Slovenia.

Stay tuned and check back often! Your comments are welcome!