Photo: Alexis O'Hara


Music Cabaret, 2014 / 40’

Guizo LaNuit is Montreal’s favourite troubadour/mariachi/philosopher/MC. Gigi L’Amour is the shiniest star of the high-brow lipsynch set. Together, they summon Apollo, the god of music, for extreme melodic confusion. Behold GuiGi, the world’s only drag king/drag queen cover medley party band.

Comprised of Guizo LaNuit (Alexis O’Hara) on ukulele, effects & vocals and Gigi L’Amour (Stephen Lawson) on synths and extra machines, this duo melds genres and genders with a musical medley and gay repartee. It gets better the more we all drink. GuiGi’s world premiere was at a gay bar that serves poutine. They have since played a cool dad’s retirement party and a festival of “irritainment” in a large field on top of Scotch Mountain. They are overjoyed to perform for the citizens of the City of Women. (Alexis O’Hara, Stephen Lawson)

Concept and Performance: Alexis O’Hara, Stephen Lawson.

Production: City of Women; In collaboration with: Old Power Station - Elektro Ljubljana.

Free entrance.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 04th 19:00
Place of event: 
Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana