Photo: Aaron Pollard

Guizo LaNuit

2014 / 40'

Blending drooping drag, electro-balladry and dark, pointed comedy the spectacle of Guizo LaNuit casts an ironic glance at the contemporary obsesssion with sharing one’s feelings on a public stage. Guizo presents multi-lingual musical medleys, schizophrenic rants, gender confusion and live pop-culture mashups. The show takes the form of a melancholic retrospective where Guizo tells us his confusing life story, each episode punctuated by an interpretation of a song he ‘wrote’ (in reality, a panorama of euro-trash, disco, rock & folk hits).

Performed in English and French.

Concept and performed by: Alexis O'Hara.

Production: City of Women; In collaboration: Glej Theatre.

Price (one performance): € 7, € 5 (students, unemployed, pensioners, self-employed in culture, disabled).

Price (both performances). € 10, € 7 (students, unemployed, pensioners, self-employed in culture, disabled).


Date and time of event: 
Oct 06th 20:30
Place of event: 
Glej Theatre
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