Photo: Cláudia Varejão

Lula Pena


“Some try to define and root the voice of Lula Pena: ‘Something between Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, but in the feminine.” Not an easy task! Nevertheless, it’s a unique voice in the lusophone landscape, a beautiful deep voice, inspired by multiple references that play with borders: Lisbon fado, Cape Verdean morna, Brazilian bossa nova, Argentine tango, Arab-African environments, chanson française... She takes for herself everything that can make her sensibility vibrate; and the voice and guitar, that invite us, that interpret the emotions and the silence ...

... Immersed in her own, singular, relationship with sound, with history, with memory, we can think about Lula not only as one of the great craftswomen of fado, but also as someone who lives it. She sails it to every Mediterranean port, towards the French language so that she might add words in which to speak of love, but also across the Atlantic to Brazil and Central America when the wind carries her that way, uttering the English word when she must.” (Lula Pena press kit)

Organization: Cankarjev Dom; In collaboration with: City of Women

Price: € 14 , € 11 (under 25 and over 65, and pensioners).

Date and time of event: 
Oct 07th 21:00
Place of event: 
CD Club – Cankarjev Dom
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