Simona Semenič - The Second Time

Simona Semenič’s first solo theatre piece entitled I, Victim. premiered in the context of the 13th City of Women Festival in 2007. The autobiographical text and performance that Simona directed and performed herself dealt with her close encounters with the dark forces of one kind and another. She shared her experience with epilepsy and the health system, with genital herpes and the health system and bunch of other things and the health system. The performance the second time is a sequel of her first solo; where the first solo ends, the second begins. Literally. “Let me smoke,” the last line in the performance I, Victim. is the first line in the performance the second time. Simona recounts her recent years, during which she – this way or that – coped with the aggravation of her epilepsy and – what else? – the health system.

Text, Directed and Performed by: Simona Semenič; Visual Design: Barbara Kapelj Osredkar; Lighting design: Andrej
Petrovčič; Dramaturgy and Emotional Support: Barbara Kapelj Osredkar, Simona Hamer, Rok Vevar.


Production: kd integrali Association, City of Women; In collaboration with: Klub Gromka - AKC Metelkova.